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We offer variety of services across different business units

Semiconductor Business Unit

Our comprehensive suite of design services covers the entire IC design flow, from concept to tape-out and beyond. We offer a flexible engagement model tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you require full turnkey design solutions or targeted assistance with specific design tasks.

Key Offerings:

RTL Design and FPGA implementation

Design Verification

Design for Test (DFT)

Analog and Mixed-Signal Design

Physical Design and Layout

IP Integration and Verification

Healthcare Business Unit

We are dedicated to revolutionize the healthcare industry through innovation and technology. With a focus on improving patient outcomes and enhancing the user experience, we are proud to introduce two groundbreaking products in the areas of sleep management and integrated healthcare platforms.

Key Offerings:

Sleep Management Platform

Integrated Healthcare Platform

IoT & Lighting Business Unit

We specialize in developing cutting-edge IoT-enabled lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and provide unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and energy efficiency. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial applications, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients and end-users.

Key Offerings:

Smart Lighting Solutions

Wireless Lighting Control Systems

Integration with IoT Platforms

Know the Team

Introducing our dynamic and interdisciplinary team, where expertise in IC design, cloud technology and healthcare converge to drive innovation and excellence across our semiconductor and healthcare business units. Comprised of IC design experts, cloud specialists, and medical professionals, our team brings together a diverse range of skills and perspectives to tackle complex challenges and deliver transformative solutions.

IC Design Experts





Our team includes seasoned IC design experts with extensive experience in analog, digital, mixed-signal, and RF IC design. With backgrounds from renowned semiconductor companies, our IC design engineers bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation to every project. From concept to tape-out, our IC design experts are adept at developing custom ICs that push the boundaries of performance, efficiency, and reliability. Their expertise spans the entire IC design flow, including RTL design, verification, physical design, and post-silicon validation

Medical Professionals

Electronic Health Records

Online Consultation

In Home Care

Recognizing the importance of healthcare expertise in driving our healthcare business unit, we have medical professionals on our team, including doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators. Their firsthand experience and insights into clinical workflows, patient care, and healthcare regulations inform the development of our healthcare solutions. Our medical professionals collaborate closely with our cloud teams to design and deploy innovative healthcare technologies that improve patient outcomes, enhance provider efficiency, and optimize healthcare delivery. Their deep understanding of healthcare challenges and priorities ensures that our solutions are practical, user-friendly, and aligned with industry standards and regulations.

Cloud Experts




Data Analytics

High Availability

In addition to IC design specialists, our team boasts cloud experts who specialize in developing scalable, secure, and resilient cloud-based solutions. With experience from leading cloud providers, our cloud architects and engineers have a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure, services, and best practices. Leveraging their expertise in cloud computing, our team builds robust and scalable platforms that enable seamless integration, data analytics, and IoT connectivity. Whether it's developing IoT edge solutions, implementing data lakes, or deploying serverless architectures, our cloud experts ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Together, our interdisciplinary team leverages the synergies between IC design, cloud technology, and healthcare to deliver integrated solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers and end-users. Whether it's developing IoT-enabled medical devices, building secure and scalable cloud platforms, or designing custom ICs for healthcare applications, our team is committed to driving innovation, improving lives, and shaping the future of technology and healthcare. Join us on our journey to transform industries, empower individuals, and make a positive impact on the world.

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